Our Story

Growing up, PocketClass founders Lisa and Andrew shared similar experiences. Lisa’s father managed a hockey school, and Andrew’s mother managed a music school. Like many small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic took a big hit on their parents' businesses. While a small proportion of businesses were able to swiftly transition to remote work, many others did not have that option.

Seeing that some industries were better positioned to leverage the benefits of technology, Andrew and Lisa decided that this needed to change. As pandemic restrictions lifted, the founders were determined to help businesses bounce back stronger, and empower individuals to explore new passions that they were unable to access.

PocketClass’ user-friendly platform is dedicated for sports, arts, and music, making it easier than ever to discover your passion. To make it short and sweet– PocketClass is designed to serve two groups: individuals looking to gain new skills (or improve existing ones); and qualified instructors looking to gain new students.

Our mission at PocketClass is to connect curious individuals with passionate and qualified instructors in their community.

Our Mission

PocketClass is transforming the extracurriculars industry by bringing community sports, arts, and music lessons into one accessible platform.

Research shows that kids’ participation in extracurricular activities is linked to improved health and wellbeing. Benefits include improved mental health, stronger sense of peer belonging, higer resilience and self-confidence, and higher levels of academic achievement over time.

Our mission is to help children and youth discover their passions by connecting parents and guardians to a world of extracurriculars. There’s not enough time in a day for busy parents– so we make it easy and efficient to explore the options that align with your life.

Signed Andrew & Lisa